St. Clair O’Connor Community Inc.

St. Clair O’Connor Community Inc. (SCOC) is a non-profit organization that is dedicated to developing a safe and caring environment for gracefully aging seniors. SCOC as it’s affectionately known, is an intergenerational community for families both young and older that focuses on creating a safe and encouraging place in a congregated setting. While being able to enjoy an intimate and private living existence, seniors at SCOC are also provided with many resources to engage with the community and foster relationships with their fellow residents as well as the staff.

Vision, mission and values

A Mennonite Project

Vision Statement

We will lead the way to new models of service, housing and care that define a healthy community for people of all ages.

Mission Statement

Guided by Christian faith and Mennonite heritage, we nurture the health and well-being of older adults and families in our community.

Our Values

On the Road to Servant-Leadership


  • Serving one another at home and in the neighbourhood
  • Extending Christian love and compassion
  • Volunteering: giving and receiving with helping hands and open hearts
  • Striving to be exceptional by leading the way
  • Lifelong learning and growing


  • Trusting and nurturing healthy relationships
  • Respecting unity and diversity of cultures and ages
  • Living together in an intergenerational setting founded by Mennonite visionaries
  • Empowering people through the use of their gifts
  • Fostering teamwork, accountability and adaptability


  • Celebrating the unique worth of each individual
  • Inspiring happiness, hospitality and well-being
  • Growing a welcoming place

Thank you to all for your thoughtful Christmas donation!

Three front-line workers that were the first to receive the COVID-19 vaccine

SCOC congratulates three of our frontline workers that were the first to receive the COVID-19 vaccine.

Stronger together!

Banging pots and pans to lift the spirits of our residents and show support and appreciation to our dedicated staff and volunteers.

‘The Hero In All Of Us’

SCOC Presents: 'The Hero In All Of Us' - A tribute to all essential workers, Michael Garron Hospital and everyone involved in the battle against COVID-19.

Thank you to the heroes!

A message from Sarah Downey, President and CEO, Michael Garron Hospital and other leaders at the Hospital and our community.

Deep in our hearts you stay loved and missed everyday

Images taken at Christmas Market 2019

Tea Room/Store

Servicing our residents and extended community, the Tea Room & Store is conveniently located at the corner of St. Clair Ave. East and O’Connor.

The Tea Room has been running successfully thanks to the dedication and commitment of our helpful volunteers that take the time to care for it every day.

You will find all the basics including freshly served food, coffee, sandwiches, and soups straight from our SCOC kitchen. Residents, staff and visitors from outside our community frequent the Store for its selection of groceries, cards, books and gifts. It’s all about the convenience of being able to purchase them so close to home and work.